Head Injury Compensation Claims*

Head Injury claims illustrated by Hard Hats by Michelllaurence under creative commons licence

Any injury to the head is potentially dangerous and very often requires medical attention. Significant head injuries which result in head injury claims * usually occur from road traffic accidents, work accidents, sports accidents, falls or assaults. The consequences can be severe, and can include:

  • Bleeding in the brain
  • Coma
  • Paralysis
  • Speech problems

The symptoms associated with a head injury or trauma may not show up immediately. If there has been injury to the skull, then concussion may be anticipated, at a minimum. A head injury may also involve a spinal injury. Symptoms that seem minor or unrelated to the head (such as vomiting) may actually indicate serious damage. Medical help should be obtained promptly.

A head injury, clearly, may inhibit the victim from making a claim for compensation due to reduced ability to make good judgments. In this situation, friends and relations may need to make more overt efforts to assist the victim in the claim process. A good solicitor can also assist an incapacitated victim to make a successful claim.

Head Injury Claims * and Compensation

The Personal Injuries Board estimates that compensation for a minor skull fracture or brain injury is approximately €23,300. For major skull fractures and/or brain injury, their indicated range of compensation is approximately €129,000.

Regardless of the nature of a person’s head injury claim *, it will always need to be assessed by a medically qualified person in order to allow them to write a Medical Report. This report forms the basis of any Injuries Board or PIAB claim initially. Although legal costs can be complicated, for most cases a set fee can be agreed in advance for an Injuries Board claim.

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