Types of Injuries

If you have had an injury you may be entitled to compensation, seek advice from an experienced solicitor regarding a personal injury claim.

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Whiplash Compensation and Other Neck Injury Claims*

A neck injury can occur even without an “accident”. Overuse of muscles or postural problems may cause the injury. However, the most common cause of serious neck injury are road traffic accidents, especially involving “whiplash” of the head and neck. The consequences may be severe.

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Head Injury Compensation Claims*

Most head injuries are minor, but if you are hospitalized you are not one of the minor cases. We give you the compensation values the Injuries Board will use if you make a claim.

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Back Injury Compensation Claims*

A back injury * can be one of the most devastating form of injuries, impacting both health and income. Read the guideline figures for compensation, depending on the severity of the injury.

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Arm Injury Compensation Claims*

The most common causes of serious arm injuries are road traffic accidents or accidents at work, particularly involving machinery. An arm injury can occur even without an accident. Overuse of muscles or postural problems may cause the injury, as with RSI.

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Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries*

Slip, trip and fall injuries can occur almost anywhere, from private homes to supermarkets to public pavements. An icy step or a wonky curbstone can mean significant injury and days or even weeks off work.

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