Accidents on Holiday*

Family on a beach to illustrate article about accidents on holiday

Taking a holiday away from home can be extremely costly, and if you are injured or suffer one or more accidents on holiday while you are away, even costlier. Happily, you may be entitled to compensation from your tour operator.

Common examples of accidents on holiday which can occur and that may be eligible for compensation include:

  • Traffic accidents*—either as a driver or passenger
  • Food poisoning
  • Illness caused by contaminated water
  • Skiing and snowboard accidents
  • Injury sustained in swimming pools or spas
  • Injury sustained during organised excursions such as hiking or biking
  • Injury caused by disrepair of hotels or other accommodation

The following information may be useful in determining whether you are eligible for compensation:

  • Suffering an injury on holiday often requires costly medical treatment abroad, as well as transport home. You may be entitled to recover some or all of these expenses.
  • Suffering an injury on holiday often requires you and your family to return home early, losing money you have paid for accommodation and other expenses. You may be entitled to recover some or all of these expenses.
  • Not all countries require their citizens to carry as much insurance as Ireland. When claiming compensation in such instances, defendants may not be as heavily insured as you might expect. However, if you have gone on holiday with a licensed tour operator, it would be normal to make a claim against the tour operator.

Make sure to collect all accident reports, photographs of hazardous conditions, medical bills, medical records and other relevant information before you return home. Filing a claim after you return without all the facts and proper documentation can be difficult, or even impossible. If you suffer one or more accidents on holiday, but arranged the journey yourself as opposed to travelling as part of a package, you should seek legal advice from a practitioner at your holiday destination.